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How often do you deploy?


There is simply no substitute for a well-tested project that deploys early and often. GitHub famously boasted about 175 deployments in one day, and that was 3 years ago. Even Facebook ships new code every single day. There are now entire products dedicated to shipping code and continuous deployment. As a team leader for nearly 15 years, I’ve often found myself striving for more frequent...

Status Dashboards on iOS with Blinkenlights


Update February 9, 2019: The Blinkenlights iOS app has not been updated in quite some time and we have removed support for it from StatusGator. If you still need Blinkenlights support, please contact us. Blinkenlights is an awesome new app for iOS by Chad Etzel, which allows you to monitor special JSON end points and produce a simple dashboard of “lights” reminiscent of an array of...

Introducing: Web Hooks


One of the most requested features from our early adopters has been web hooks: a way to specify a URL that is pinged whenever a service status changes. Web hooks have long been a tool used by many companies to allow powerful integrations. Some status page providers, even allow their own webhooks. But a unified way to be notified of status changes to any cloud service has not existed. Until now:...

Minimum Triable Product


How I Scratched an Itch to Build a Useful Product in a Weekend Modern web applications are built upon a myriad of hosted services. For better or for worse, the health of every app or website built is now dependent on the health of easily a dozen other services. This is the price we pay in exchange for fantastic reductions in time to market. Why, then, is there no easy way to see the health of all...

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