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Location, Location, Location.


StatusGator has a few thousand users.  Recently I grew curious as to where you all are. Surely it would be interesting to learn a little about where they are from.  The results are pretty interesting.

I’m pleased to report StatusGator helps users in 85 different countries! The top ten are:

  • USA – 1,061
  • UK – 207
  • Canada – 115
  • India – 72
  • Australia – 70
  • Germany – 53
  • Brazil – 48
  • France – 40
  • Israel – 35
  • Netherlands – 33


To get a hint at where users are coming from we used IP address geolocation.  The authentication framework used in StatusGator remembers the IP address when users sign in.  Using a service called ipstack we turned each IP address into a location.  The results are not perfect.  My own location looks up to coordinates few miles from my home.  High resolution stalking is not the idea here.

We’d like to give props to the areas across the globe that are using StatusGator. To be honest, I wasn’t sure we’d have users all over, it turns out we do!

About the author

Andy Libby

Andy Libby is co-founder of Nimble Industries, creators of StatusGator and Washtub. He has been building web applications, managing software development projects, and leading engineering teams for 25 years.

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