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StatusGator aggregates cloud service status page data and alerts you when services post downtime. You can get notices via email, SMS, Slack, webhook and more. A unified dashboard shows the status of all your service dependencies. Users can also query StatusGator for service status on demand, right from within Slack.   Try StatusGator.

TrackSSL monitors your SSL certificates and alerts you whenever they change or approach expiration. An expired SSL cert will grind your site to a halt and TrackSSL prevents that from ever happening. Try TrackSSL.

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VimTricks is a newsletter for users of the Vim text editor. We send weekly tips and recipes for enhanced productivity in Vim. From quick trips, tricks, configuration options, plugin recommendations, and more. All to help developers get the most out of Vim. Check out VimTricks.

DriftWatch monitors your dependency drift: how far out of date your software dependencies are. By tracking your package versions, you can measure your progress towards keeping your software up to date with the latest features and security patches. Sign up to receive beta access to DriftWatch when it’s released.

Washtub anonymizes production data for development use. With an easy to use command line interface, Washtub is designed specifically for developers and integrates seamlessly with Heroku. Instead of carrying around real production data with customers’ personally identifiable data, Washtub users pull clean, anonymous data right from their production database.  Try Washtub.

Clear Check is a document management service for administrators of youth organizations based in Pennsylvania, which has specific legal requirements for volunteers and staff who work around children. Clear Check provides convenient way to collect and archive the required documentation for sports teams, scouts, and school groups. If you’re a team organizer in PA,  try out Clear Check. Clear Check has been acquired. 

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