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We moved our newsletter landing page off of Substack


When we launched VimTricks, our Vim email newsletter, almost two months ago, we started in the simplest way we could: With a hosted newsletter built on top of Substack. Here’s a look at the minimalist landing page they provide. (Completely free of charge, I should add. Thank you, Substack.) The original VimTricks landing page, provided by Substack. Substack Landing Page Limitations...

VimTricks: The Vim Newsletter

VimTricks, the Vim newsletter

More than 2 years ago, Andy and I started a tiny little website called VimTricks on a whim. It was a place to showcase tidbits and tricks we had learned over our many years of using the Vim text editor. This month, we evolved VimTricks into something brand new: a vim newsletter. VimTricks is now a vim email newsletter that delivers new tips twice a week. We have both been using the Vim for many...

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